Our Veranda benefits from a fantastic panoramic view, as it overlooks a valley and hills from other villages. During the day there is a slight breeze that is always pleasant, especially during the hot days in the summer. The sunset makes the view the perfect frame for a romantic evening. In order to make the atmosphere even more magical, we placed candles on our tables, this will make your experience unique and unforgettable.

After your meal you could have a lovely walk around our beautiful hills and experience all of its colours, smells, and sounds.Boffalora is an enchanted small area of the Oltrepo' pavese, its landscape is beautiful and unique. During the summer, from our veranda, you can view the landscape with its beautiful emerald greens and blues, in the autumn the colours of the valley and hills changes into a yellow-orange and brown colours.

It is also possible to visit some some interesting attractions. In Zavatterello, 40 minutes by car from our Trattoria, you can admire the famous "Castello Dal Verme"  or in 15 minutes by car you can visit Golferenzo, a picturesque village particular for its historical centre.

TRATTORIA FUGAZZA - Loc. Boffalora - San Damiano al Colle - tel. +39 385.75183 - +39 331.9534545