Trattoria Fugazza was first opened in 1971 as "Bar la Ruota" by the Fugazza's Family. The activity of the bar was mainly centered on our famous snacks, this was thanks to our delicious cured meats produced by the Fugazza's Family.
During the last 10 years the management of the bar changed from Fugazza Graziano to his son Stefano who transformed it, aesthetically and professionally into a lovely, beautiful and welcoming Trattoria, although still maintainng the traditions of the dishes from the geographical region of the Oltrepo' Pavese.

We have about 40 seats, this is because we want to offer our customers all of our attention and also they can benefit from an atmosphere of tranquillity and relax.

We have two dining rooms, one of which overlooks a beautiful valley and hills and it's the most popular one. In order to make our Trattoria more welcoming and intimate, we have always fresh seasonal flowers on our tables. Our interior design also mirrors the traditional influence of our area.

You will be welcomed by Luisa and Stefano, the owners, who will always do their best to please you with your requests.
Luisa is also an "ONAV" wine taster, (ONAV stands for the italian national organasation of wine tasters) she is also very passionate about vine and she is in charge of updating our Wine List, giving lots of space for our superb locally produced wines. She is excellent at giving you the best advice regarding your choices of wine with your food.

TRATTORIA FUGAZZA - Loc. Boffalora - San Damiano al Colle - tel. +39 385.75183 - +39 331.9534545